COLD, FLU and COVID-19 Considerations

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS, PROCEDURES & Return to Practice (Updated April 01, 2023)


Many steps have been taken to minimize the risk of viral transmission of COLD, FLU and COVID-19 but the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room. The following protocols are meant to help reduce the risk of transmission but the risk can’t be eliminated completely. If you are experiencing any COVID-19, cold or flu like symptoms, cough, fever, shortness of breath, reduced sense of smell I ask that you reschedule your appointment until you are healthy.


  • SCREENING – before entering the clinic, you will notice a sign on the door stating to stay home if you have any of the following symptoms: dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue or flu like symptoms.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Please follow any rules that may be posted in the building regarding face masks, distancing and hand sanitization. Please only arrive 5 minutes before your appoitnment to minimize traffic.

  • SANITIZATION – Cleaning time between treatments is still being maintained as in Phase 2. You will sanitize your hands upon arrival and after treatment. Your therapist will sanitize their hands when re-entering the treatment room each time.

What to expect when booking your RMT Appointment

Pre-screening currently consists of a mandatory day of appointment COVID-19 screen sent via email. Please be sure to do this! If you forget, I will confirm verbally that you have no cold, flu or COVID-19 symtpoms. Masks are optional for both you and your therapist now but STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. I will no longer be wearing one in the treatment space as but I have masks if you want me to wear one for your treatment.

Important Points to know for your Appointment
  • If you are unvaccinated it is suggested to wear a mask.
  • PPE is always available for anyone that wants to be extra safe (masks, goggles, gloves etc) for yourself or your therapist or both of us.
  • Phase 2 cleaning frequency will continue as before to ensure a safe treatment environment. I am no longer documenting cleaning times and daily temperature checks.
  • Please contact me if you need to cancel or cancel online if outside the 24 hour cancellation window.
Day of Your Appointment
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minuties prior to your appointment.
  • Please arrive to appointment unaccompanied unless required. Eg: a minor that requires a parent/guardian, infirm and in need assistance, or those requiring a translator etc.
  • The treatment room door will either be ajar or locked. Please knock and wait to be let in if it is locked. Usually I am at my desk by the door so I will hear you. Don't worry! If you are early you are welcome to knock, I do not mind you waiting inside while I finish cleaning/setting up.
  • You will need to sanitize your hands upon entering the practice space and after your treatment.
  • Please avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose. If you must, please ask for a tissue and sanitizer.

What else I am doing to keep us safe

  • Cancellation policy is currently relaxed only if you are sick. So please let me know and we will reschedule.
  • If you are at a greater risk of infection, please let your therpist know and extra precautions for treatment can be discussed. This could be gloves, coming in earlier or at the end of day etc. when there is less foot traffic.
  • As per current sanitary pracitces I will wash my hands before and after treatment with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer will be used upon returning to the treatment room.
  • I will not come in if feeling unwell and will inform you as soon as possible if I cannot come in due to illness.
  • I am continuing with 30 minute breaks between treatments in order to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and air out the treatment room.
  • A HEPA Air purifier is in the treatment room. It is kept on low during treatment then high between treatments to cycle air, the window is also opened between treatments to better cycle in fresh air.
  • Electronics such as an ipad for consent, square tap device and mobile phone for payment will be sanitized regularly through the day.
  • PreEmpt brand of cleaner is used for high touch surfaces such as the table, stool, bench, chair, pillows and face cradle. Various other surfaces and floors are cleaned with bleach. The floor is partially moped between treatments around the table and completly moped at end of day.


The below documents and links are what I used in phase 1 & 2 in my daily practice. These were to to ensure I maintained proper cleaning procedures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. I still follow this cleaning plan, however I no longer document this after each treatment.