Rates, Payment Options and Procedures

2021 Rates for Massage Therapy with Evan Vandersluys

Payment, Direct Billing & Procedures

  • Direct Billing, E-transfer, Debit, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover
  • All prices include GST.
  • Treatment times include assessment, consent for treatment, hands on treatment and home-care suggestions.
  • Treatment will include a consultation of your medical history and thorough assessment of your current condition before providing hands-on treatment. This generally goes faster for subsequent treatments.
  • COVID-19 considerations have been made, please read my COVID-19 information prior to booking.
30 Just enough time to treat a very specific area such as a spot on the shoulders, tendonitis etc. I suggest only booking this is you have already seen me once already. 65$
45 Enough time for a more thorough treatment of a specific area or bodypart such as the neck or shoulders. 90$
60 This length of time gives enough time to have a more general area treated or can be a brief intro to a full body massage. 115$
75 A length of time ideal for a more thorough full body massage with one area of focus for treatment. 145$
90 The ideal length of time for a thorough full body treatment but also enough time to focus on one or two areas that needs extra attention. 175$