Re-Opening with covid-19

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS, PROCEDURES & Return to Work (Updated July 7/2020)

Changes At Sinclair Wellness

In keeping with the Province and my College guidelines, I was able to open again from June 4th. You can book your visit with me at or calling the clinic at 604-629-1120. Unfortunately I can not do same day bookings due to COVID-19 screening requirements at this time.

As per the guidleines outlined by Provincial Health, I have taken measures to minimize the risk of viral transmission of COVID-19 but the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room. The following protocols and procedures are meant to help reduce the risk of transmission but the risk can’t be eliminated. If you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms, cough, fever, shortness of breath, reduced sense of smell or have travelled outside of British Columbia in the past 14 days I ask that you reschedule your appointment until you are healthy.

General CLINIC REopening standards

  • SCREENING – before entering the clinic, you will notice a large sign stating to stay home if you have any of the following symptoms: dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue or flu like symptoms. Every client/patient will be required to sign a separate pre-screening questionnaire before entering the clinic for an appointment.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – A plexiglass shield has been installed at the front desk & reception area as well as in the naturopathic IV room. Floor decals are placed 2 meters apart to ensure every person at SWC maintains adequate social distancing.

  • SANITIZATION – please arrive wearing a mask (if you don’t have one, the clinic does have extra masks & hand sanitizing stations set up; one of which is right upon entry to the clinic). All practitioners & treatment providers will be wearing masks & other protection gear as per the Public Health Guidelines.

  • PAYMENT - No cash will be accepted; only credit or debit for your convenience.

What to expect when booking an RMT Appointment with Evan

As part of our new enhanced screening for COVID, as a Massage Therapist I am required by CMTBC (College of Massage Therapy of BC) to have a conversation about our opening procedures and perform a COVID-19 pre-screen assessment with you. The online assessment tool is meant to prescreen you for any symptoms of COVID-19 and is completed via text/email/phone one day prior to your appointment and finally a few hours before your appointment via our own in clinic COVID19 assessment (the questions are exactly the same as the BC COVID-19 Self-check). If you did not get the email from the clinic please let me know and we can resend as it needs to be completed before entering the clinic for your appointment.

At time of booking your appointment
  • I will reach out to you via email or text to confirm I saw your appointment. At this time I will ask you to check out my covid19 information page on my website regarding what has changed and what to expect during your appointment.
  • This is also your opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns regarding COVID-19 and massage therapy.
  • If you have any questions after checking out my COVID-19 information. I am happy to call you to discuss all the changes and extra precautions (in detail) with you at a preferred time.
One day prior to your Appointment
  • One day prior to your appointment you will hear from me via text/email/phone to go through the COVID-19 self-check assessment.
  • This is to confirm you do not have symptoms of COVID-19 and are able to come in for your appointment.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 we will reschedule your appointment at this time.
Day of Appointment
  • On the day of your appointment you will be sent a COVID-19 screening questionnaire from the clinic (this arrives via email four hours before your appointment). This will need to be completed before your appointment and the questions are the exact same questions as the online COVID-19 self-check you did the day before.
  • If you forget to do this before arriving, please do it OUTSIDE the clinic.
  • Arrive to appointment unaccompanied unless required. Eg: a minor that requires a parent/guardian, infirm and in need assistance, or those requiring a translator etc.
  • Please be sure to wear a mask to your appointment. If you do not have a mask or are unable to get one prior to your appointment one can be provided to you. This is to be worn in the common areas and to and from the treatment areas.
  • The clinic door will be propped open to avoid surface contact on door handles. If it is locked please wait and someone will let you in.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive early you will need to wait outside, please do not wait inside the clinic. For Sunday appointments with me, please DO arrive 10 min early and wait outside the security entrance.
  • All practitioners are maintaining a physical distancing of 2 meters whenever possible and appointments have been staggered to provide social distancing.
  • You will need to wash your hands upon entering the clinic with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or with sanitizer that is available at the entrance. This will also need to be done after treatment.
  • I will be wearing a mask during your treatment but I only require you to wear a mask in the common areas outside the treatment room. When you are in my treatment room you do not have to wear a mask (unless you want to).
  • Please avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose, and be sure to wash/sanitize your hands before and after taking mask off.
  • If this is your first treatment with me since COVID-19 then we will do a digitial consent form for treatment. Moving forward it will be verbal as before
  • For each treatment, COVID-19 screening & liability waiver need to be completed digitally
  • For payment, I encourage you to request your RMT receipt to be emailed and payment to be tap or e-transfer.

What else I am doing to keep you safe

  • Options for PPE (personal protective equipment) are available such as gloves, masks, goggles. These are available for you or myself, whichever our preference is.
  • Discussion of the COVID19 informed consent that is a requirement prior to ALL treatments
  • Cancellation policy is currently relaxed, if you are sick please let me know and we will reschedule for two weeks time.
  • If you are at a greater risk of infection, please let me know and we can discuss extra precautions for treatment (this could be gloves, coming in early or at the end of day etc.)
  • Your massage therapist will wear a mask throughout your visit.
  • Your massage therapist will wash hands before and after treatment with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Upon re-entering room, hand sanitizer will be used.
  • Your massage therapist will complete the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self- Assessment before each work day and will not provide treatment if having any symptoms.
  • More time is provided in between each patient in order to clean and reduce the number of people in the clinic.
  • HEPA Air purifier in the treatment room.
  • Electronics such as ipad for consent, square tap device and mobile phone for payment will be wrapped in protective plastic and/or sanitized before and after use with each patient.
  • Daily cleaning checklist has been implemented to ensure proper cleaning of treatment room.
  • A laminated copy of my cleaning procedures and checklist has been posted in the room to let you know what I am doing regarding cleaning and sanitizing.